Complete control.
From concept to shop floor.

Colateral: your instore marketing management solution.

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Trusted by multinational retailers, used every day.

With Colateral, you’re in complete control. We’ve listened to what retailers want and worked hard to make it a reality.

Now you can take less time, spend less money, and get more from your instore marketing campaigns.

Together we can bring your instore activity online so that you can see what’s happening inside all of your stores in real-time.

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Imagine if you could…


Plan, produce and manage your instore campaigns using a single collaborative online platform.


Know that the materials you produce are spot-on for each store: right schedule, right fit, right impact.


Simplify installation for staff, track compliance online & provide consistent messaging all of the time.

Now you can.

Reduce costs

Minimise your campaign print costs, waste and display errors and enjoy organising new campaigns in record time.

Boost performance

Allow your teams to get back to what they’re best at, creating great campaigns and providing brilliant customer service.

Increase sales

Easily control and monitor your store and campaign data, provide awesome experiences on the shop floor and drive sales.

“The system allows us to launch huge POS campaigns across the whole estate, with the confidence that what we are trying to communicate to our customer base will be executed to the finest detail from a central source.”

Nick FrenchRetail Marketing Manager, Paddy Power Betfair

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