Why choose Colateral?

Learn why global brands and retailers have chosen Colateral to maximise marketing performance in their locations.

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Take control of marketing performance in physical locations.

While e-commerce grabs the headlines, physical locations grab sales.
Yet marketing teams are ill-equipped to capitalise on the significant opportunity on-site. That’s why our mission is to empower companies with control of their physical marketing performance.

Our platform provides end-to-end control of your location marketing process through planning, artwork creation, execution and analysis, helping you eradicate inefficiencies and improve marketing performance.

No one got into marketing to

manage spreadsheets.

Struggling with multi-location marketing? You’re not alone. Most marketers we meet are drowning in spreadsheets, struggling to execute effective campaigns.
Poor communication

86% of retailers rely on emails and spreadsheets to manage in-store marketing.

Too complex

76% of retailers say producing one round of marketing materials takes a lot of effort.

No visibility

52% of retailers cannot guarantee the accurate installation of marketing materials.

Eradicate inefficiencies and get back to proper marketing.

At Colateral, we give multi-site marketers the time, budget and tools to drive physical marketing performance and achieve critical objectives.


Reduction in time to plan and manage campaigns.


Reduction in unused marketing materials.


Display compliance in every location.

Colateral’s location-based marketing platform.

With marketing performance in mind, the Colateral platform is your hub for multi-site marketing.

Colateral combines store profiling, campaign management, artwork management, stock management, display compliance, and space management in an intuitive, connected platform. Integrated analytics help you make decisions that drive marketing performance.

Why global brands and retailers choose Colateral.

Put marketing first

Your locations are critical customer touch points. Colateral focuses on helping you deliver great experiences through marketing.

Location intelligence at your fingertips

Your locations yield untapped customer data. Colateral is the first platform that puts it in your hands.

Take control

Reliant on printers for your data? Colateral empowers you with the data and tools to improve location-based marketing performance.

Segmentation & targeting

Shoppers now expect a personalised shopping experience. Colateral’s location segmentation helps you target your ideal customers.

Eradicate waste

With complete visibility and control of your marketing, our customers eliminate waste they didn’t even know they had.

Impactful marketing

Marketing should stand out and make an impression. Ensure your creatives focus on creativity, not spreadsheets.

location icon
Get it right in every location

Tired of seeing stores with incorrect or inconsistent displays? We give you full visibility of every location. So you always get it right.

Maximise your most valuable asset: space

Ensure ad spaces are always filled with promotions your customers want. So it’s a win-win-win for customers, brands and retailers.

We take pride in supporting your business.

When you win, we win. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring your business thrives with Colateral. Here are just a few ways we do that.

Dedicated, local account management & support

We partner with local experts near you to support and guide you to unlock marketing performance.

Go live in days

Changing your process is complex. But we make it simple by helping to bring your data into Colateral in a matter of days.

Your business operations are safe

We’re proud to have a 99% uptime rate over the last 6
years. Colateral’s always available when you need it most.

What our customers say.

Take control of your marketing performance today.

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