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Increasing Paddy Power Display Compliance from 42% to 100%

Paddy Power Case Study 100% display compliance in 3 months

In 2018, Paddy Power was looking to streamline its in-store marketing process. The hefty workload seriously strained its small marketing team managing daily marketing messages across 600+ locations. By implementing Colateral, we made sending the right materials to the right stores easy. In addition, we opened communication between head office and in-store teams and implemented advanced campaign analysis to ensure they identified and resolved issues efficiently. Now, our system is responsible for delivering more than 8 million marketing packs every 3 months, and in-store campaign compliance is up to 100%.

Here are the full details of how we achieved it.

About Paddy Power.

Founded in 1988, Paddy Power is one of the leading bookmakers in the UK. Paddy Power’s popularity is underpinned by an easy-to-use betting app, one of the most vibrant retail estates in the sector, and a marketing operation that has been recognised as one of the best in the business. Now, as part of the Flutter Entertainment Group, Paddy Power operates 613 physical locations across the UK. It is well known for its mischievous brand, making it one of the most influential and recalled brands in its category.

Struggling to keep up with daily marketing requirements.

As an entertainment company, Paddy Power’s stores need to promote timely and relevant messaging to drive footfall. With new daily offers to reflect different events and the latest odds, Paddy Power updates the marketing materials in their stores daily. Additionally, the information they communicate is often store-specific, and the display requirements vary depending on the store location and country.

In 2018, they sought a solution to prevent the errors in displays that impacted store performance. In addition, Paddy Power’s small marketing team was more focused on resolving issues. They had limited time to focus on initiatives that would generate greater store revenues. As a result, paddy Power wanted to free up its team to focus on value-added tasks.

How Colateral helped.

Paddy Power used Colateral to create detailed store profiles of its 600+ physical locations. These profiles include the fixtures and fittings available in each store and opening times, with photos to support essential information. With their dynamic store profile database, Paddy Power now had visibility of all their data in a consolidated platform. This platform would make it easier to ensure they were sending the right materials to the right stores as part of their campaigns.

Next, using Colateral’s Campaign Planner and Campaign Viewer, we made it easy to issue installation instructions alongside marketing packs. The Campaign Viewer opened 2-way communication between the head office marketing and in-store teams that would implement and install the signage. For example, the UK Marketing Manager could issue detailed instructions to staff for the materials they received in their stores via the portal. Then, store reps could log in and quickly see the instructions for their marketing pack each day. The instructions included start dates, pictures of the setup, and surveys for post-installation checks.

Paddy Power had a unique problem when issuing marketing packs. Their in-store teams who would install the materials couldn’t leave the counter during the day. However, these patterns were different in various stores. So, Paddy Power analysed shift patterns to identify when staff would be at the computer. Then, they scheduled installation instructions and set up checks to notify team members at those times when they were free. This change saw the completion rate of checks sky-rocket. Staff completed assessments regularly, and their Marketing Manager could identify any issues and resolve them efficiently.

Increasing Display Compliance to 100%

With Colateral retail marketing software, Paddy Power’s one-person marketing team manages their in-store campaigns like a boss. They allocate and distribute 8 million marketing guidelines across the Paddy Power store estate every three months. In addition, our workforce communication platform allowed them to distribute personalised visual display instructions, and daily priorities are communicated quickly to stores to ensure they receive the proper guidelines for each store.

Also, the average display compliance rates have risen from 42% to 100%. As Jamie King, Retail Marketing Manager at Paddy Power, explained, “Colateral has been fundamental in managing the ever-changing marketing landscape in our 600+ stores across the UK and Ireland. The reporting elements have enabled us to double our compliance rate bringing consistency and clarity of messaging to our customers and shop teams.”

Finally, with more tasks automated, Jamie can focus on value-added tasks. For example, the Paddy Power team aims to run more targeted localised campaigns to promote the odds on local popular sporting events.

“With Colateral’s communication, tracking and reporting features, average display compliance has improved from 42% to 100%.”

Jamie King, Retail Marketing Manager, Paddy Power.

Improve your marketing campaign compliance with Colateral.

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