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Store communication: the secret ingredient to outstanding in-store marketing

Effective store communication is the secret ingredient to outstanding in-store marketing. From delivering key information and marketing instructions to helping you to better understand each stores unique requirements and advantages, a centralised conversation with remote teams can transform how you work.

Here are 7 reasons to prioritise store communication:

1) Improve the customer experience

By keeping your stores in the loop with your latest campaigns, offers, and promotions, you’re empowering them to deliver an exceptional customer experience. They can better engage with customers, answer their questions, and provide relevant recommendations.

2) Boost productivity

When store teams know which campaigns are coming up and what display materials need installing or removing, they can better organise staff resources and minimise any impact on customer service. Meanwhile, when store communication is simplified and centralised, head office marketing teams are no longer swamped with emails and phone calls about incorrect or missing content or instructions, allowing them to focus on building more effective campaigns.

3) Rapid campaign execution

Lengthy printed display guides and generic instructions shared by email or company intranets are time-consuming to interpret and hard to adapt for each store. Providing personalised display instructions, via a single store communication channel, instantly speeds up the process. Stores no longer wonder or have to work out which instructions apply to their store and can immediately get on with the latest installations.

4) Guarantee compliance

Open store communication allows store teams to easily highlight any issues and resolve them rapidly. From undelivered campaign materials, to display layout issues and damaged posters, everything can be reported back to head office. It also enables comprehensive marketing compliance reporting – from simply confirming that campaigns are installed to providing photographic evidence, allowing head office to be kept up-to-date in real-time.

5) Utilise store feedback

From sharing which promotions or in-store spaces generate the most engagement, to providing details about store layout or marketing requirement changes, being able to capture on-the-ground data and insights is vital to improving future campaigns. No one knows your stores better than the individuals who work in them every day. Harnessing this remote knowledge and storing it centrally can help your marketing teams plan and deliver tailored content and optimise the marketing across the whole estate. Taking note of the unique perspective and wisdom of your store managers also helps to boost morale and drive performance.

6) Target promotions

When store teams can easily share information about their store’s location, surroundings, local customers and nearest competitors, marketing teams can better create and target marketing materials and displays that will work best in each store. Whether this is adjusting displays to better suit a buildings unique layout or promoting something specific because there is a competitor near by, with great store communication the possibilities for creating more effective marketing on a local level are endless.

7) Drive footfall to stores

With the right store communication tools, stores are able to effectively, and brand-consistently, promote their location through their local social media channels. Head office can share appropriate content and stores can choose what will work best for their individual store, helping to drive more traffic to every location.

As well as allowing you to plan and build your in-store marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently, Colateral centralises marketing communications to a single digital platform. So, your teams can better prioritise their tasks, always feel informed and share valuable insights that drive more sales.

To learn more about Colateral, get in touch for a free in-store marketing consultation.

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