Reduce waste with Stock Management.

Reduce overs, track budgets and manage stock levels from warehouse to distribution with Colateral’s stock management module.

Trusted by global retailers & brands

  • Nationwide Building Society
Allocate only required materials to each location.
Enable store teams to order directly from printers.
Track materials from warehouse to execution.

Allocate the right materials in every location.

Minimize costs and waste by distributing the correct quantities and variations of marketing materials to every location. Each location gets all the materials they need, and none of the ones they don’t.

Empower store teams. Maintain control.

Colateral’s product catalog allows store teams to order the materials they need while you retain visibility and control.

Product Catalog

Populate an online catalog of marketing assets suitable for each location. Store teams can order materials directly from the catalog.

Restrict stock by location.

Restrict the quantities and variations that each store can order to avoid costly mistakes.

Full traceability.

Track every order, including how much it costs and who ordered it.

Analyze & improve.

Identify which stores order more than required over time, investigate why, and work with managers to reduce over-ordering.

Align teams across every department.

Keep campaigns within budget.

Ensure campaigns stay within budget by viewing the cost of materials before launching your campaign and tracking the costs of additional orders.

Review costs prior to launch.

Colateral automatically calculates campaign costs based on the materials you’ve allocated, suppliers chosen, and any price breaks in your contracts. So you avoid unnecessary surprises.

Monitor costs of additional orders

Track which locations order from your overs allocation and if any exceed their allocation. Work with repeat offenders to resolve root-cause issues.

Work with multiple suppliers.

Colateral is the only marketing resource management system that’s independent. So you can work with multiple printers, suppliers, and agencies to find the best deal.

Track delivery from order to execution.

Tired of campaigns disappearing into a black hole? Colateral lets you track orders through production, kitting, distribution, and delivery. So you know where campaigns are at all times.

Analyze performance and drive improvements.

Tackle the big issues costing your campaigns’ performance with Colateral’s advanced analytics. Identify which items are often re-ordered and which stores regularly receive late deliveries to eliminate excess waste in your physical marketing ecosystem.

What our customers say.

The platform for location-based marketing.

End-to-end campaign management

Colateral is your platform for location-based marketing activity. From planning and building campaigns, managing creative, executing in-store and analyzing performance.

Bridge the gap with store teams

Maintain constant communication between head office and store teams to maintain store profiles, update material requirements and audit marketing campaigns.

Launch campaigns in hours, not days.

Shred the spreadsheets and use Colateral’s intuitive campaign management system to build powerful campaigns without confusion. Or try our one-click campaign duplication to create a campaign in minutes.

Loads of content. To improve your marketing.

Improve your marketing performance.

Discover how Colateral organizations like yours to reduce waste and ensure compliance with stock management.

Start saving today.

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