100% Display compliance.
In every location. Every time.

Align teams with real-time communications so your marketing drives revenues in every location with 100% display compliance.

Trusted by global retailers & brands

  • Nationwide Building Society
Reduce time to identify and resolve issues in each location.
Ensure 100% display compliance in every location.
Maximise campaign performance by ensuring marketing and merchandising alignment.

Create impactful experiences in every location.

Colateral gives you full control of campaign execution across all your locations to achieve 100% display compliance and accelerate marketing performance.

Avoid confusion. Make it simple for store teams.

Store teams have hundreds of tasks to complete every day. Colateral makes it easy for them to install the right materials in the right way.

Provide store-specific materials to each location

The easiest way to prevent the wrong materials from being implemented is to only send the materials each store needs. Colateral’s store-specific distribution automatically allocates the correct quantities and variants of each item.

Issue personalized instructions for each store.

It’s easy to ignore a 100-page instruction booklet with 99 irrelevant instructions. Colateral provides only the instructions each store needs. So there’s no confusion. And no guesswork.

View each store’s execution before it goes live.

Colateral lets you visualize how the campaign will look in every store before it goes live. So you can compare how your campaign looks in your 12-window mega-store to your 2-window corner shop.

Audit campaign implementation.

Despite our best efforts, mistakes happen. Colateral helps you catch and resolve issues early before they become an issue.

Capture feedback from every campaign.

With the hive of activity in each location, it’s easy for teams to delay installing new POS. Colateral lets you issue questionnaires with each campaign, assign tasks to be done, and it flags incomplete reports. Putting you in control.

Highlight issues with a picture.

If stores receive unnecessary, damaged, or problematic items, they can provide images to demonstrate. So you can identify the root cause quickly and take corrective action.

Order allocated overs directly from the catalog.

Store teams can quickly order replacement materials from the Print-On-Demand product catalog. You retain control by restricting variants and quantities while maintaining full traceability of who ordered which items.

Complete control of your marketing campaigns.

Colateral aligns departments across entire campaigns from planning to creative and execution.

Tackle root cause issues with advanced insights.

Find you have issues to resolve from every campaign launch? Use Colateral to investigate which stores have the lowest compliance rates over time and work with them to improve.

Scale localized campaigns with confidence.

Once you know you can get the basics right, you can deliver localized experiences in every location with confidence.

Target with Segmentation.

Group stores with similar attributes and target customers with campaigns.

Tailor artwork for each location.

Create on-brand templates and let marketers or store teams localize content that engages local communities.

Ensure it’s right in each location.

Provide personalized instructions, capture real-time campaign feedback, and view photographic evidence to ensure localized materials are accurate in each location.

What our customers say.

The only platform you need for location-based marketing.

Whether you own retail environments, operate service branches, manage print services or advertise in physical locations, Colateral supports your marketing objectives. Discover how.

End-to-end campaign management

Colateral is your platform for location-based marketing activity. From planning and building campaigns, managing creative, executing in-store, and analyzing performance.

Bridge the gap with store teams

Maintain constant communication between head office and store teams to maintain store profiles, update material requirements, and audit marketing campaigns.

Your operations are safe.

We’re proud of our 99% uptime record over the last 6 years. Colateral’s always available when you need it.

Loads of content to help you improve.

Improve your marketing performance.

Discover how Colateral supports organizations like yours to ensure 100% display compliance in every location.

Get rid of the guesswork.

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