Retail marketing software for campaign planning

Plan your campaign materials.

Got an upcoming campaign? You can plan your in-store marketing campaign from briefing to execution with Colateral. The planner allows you to schedule milestone dates for planning, creative deadlines, deliveries, campaign launch, and completion. Collaborate with teams across marketing, creative, brand, suppliers, and stores to ensure deadlines are met on time and in full.

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Deliver the right materials to the right stores.

Colateral makes it easy to run targeted localized campaigns in your stores. Simply create dynamic store profiles with full signage availability in every store. Then group campaigns by demographics or regions. And allocate different materials to each store so you deliver the right messages, to the right audience, at the right time.

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Ensure 100% campaign compliance in every store.

Tired of finding issues in your in-store execution? Launching a campaign in Colateral automatically allocates the correct materials and quantities that each store can hold. This ensures you only send the right materials to each, minimizes confusion for your implementers, and leads to improved display compliance.

“With Colateral’s communication, tracking and reporting features, average display compliance has improved from 42% to 100%”

– Paddy Power

Retail Marketing Campaign Analysis

Track global in-store marketing campaigns.

Managing daily campaigns across hundreds of stores, including 3rd party activations? With Colateral, you can manage all owned and brand-led marketing campaigns from a single platform, with real-time visibility of status and performance.

We’ve got you covered.

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Streamlined planning and delivery

Granular targeting of messages

Remote workforce collaboration

Audited artwork briefing and approval

Leaner marketing processes

Level up your in-store marketing campaigns.

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