Why integrated stock ordering matters.

What is integrated stock ordering?

Managing marketing campaigns across multiple stores means dealing with multiple stakeholders across creative, design agencies, suppliers, printers and your stores. So, you need to have integrated stock ordering that aligns everyone involved. 

Done right, it means you can be in head officer and manage order requests from your remote teams – from printed marketing materials, promotional merchandise and other GNFR – in a centralised, data-fed system.

You might be a retailer landing campaigns into hundreds of stores, or you might be a brand running activations in retail stores, pubs, restaurants, bus stops or anywhere else that will take your promotional product messages. Your messages may be carried on POS (printed Point Of Sale displays) or other merchandise such as furniture, clothing, glasses… pretty much anything you like. Some may be held in supplier warehouses; others may need to be manufactured to order.

If you’re a retailer, your store managers will have been given your marketing plans, been told what promotional activity will take place in their stores and what they need to do to make their store compliant. We like to think you will have already used Colateral’s campaign builder to get the material briefed and out to stores, and clearly the stores will then be using Colateral’s campaign viewer to prove they are compliant!

If you’re a brand, you will have retail or field sales people ensuring their customers have the right marketing materials to support your activations and the sales of your products in their stores or outlets.

“Give your people the ability to order what they need whilst controlling your stock and spend.”

Tie that in with local marketing and you’re giving your stores or field sales people the ability to localise your national activations.

Things get damaged, activations get extended, people need more, stuff happens

So you need to give your people the ability to order what they need whilst controlling your stock and spend. You need to be able to manage items for order, ensure what is being displayed is in line with your campaign plans or activations and have control and visibility of your stock and production costs.

That’s where Colateral’s integrated Stock Ordering solution comes in. It allows you to open up a multi-supplier product catalogue and make it available for your stores, field sales people or customers.

So what does it look like?

  • You plan what is available in your online catalogue
  • You decide who can order what. You can make sure outlets only have access to promotional (or other) material or supplies that is relevant to them
  • You decide which orders need approval, so you can keep tabs on who is requesting what
  • You control what your suppliers are manufacturing
  • You can manage all the orders from your remote teams in a single, perfectly organised space

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