Intuitive Store Profiling Software.


Store profile management

Gone are the days of store profiles with just a location and contact details. With Colateral, you can create detailed store profiles that include all the information you need to run effective marketing campaigns:

  • Fixtures 
  • Fittings
  • Features 
  • Display spaces
  • Till point assets
  • Interactive screens
  • Sizes of all of the above 
  • In-store location of all above
Store Profile Management - documents

Bring store profiles to life with surveys, images, and documents. 

Did you know that Excel has a limit of 16,000 columns?

Neither did we until we started trying to use them to capture everything you need in a store profile. Colateral has no limit to the information it holds, and you can add more detail by conducting store surveys and audits. Additionally, Colateral allows you to store a catalog of site photographs and documents for additional details.

Save time. Reduce waste. Lower costs.

Brand Activation Software

When you create an in-store campaign, you must ensure you send the right materials to the right store, every time.

Colateral allows you to assign campaigns to specific stores, and you only send collateral to stores with fixtures for those displays in the right quantities. Thereby helping you reduce waste, reduce costs and save the planet. 

Retail marketing software for campaign planning

Execute targeted in-store campaigns.

Use your store profiles to deliver targeted campaigns based on a store’s location, consumer profile, or even the number of windows it has. You can group similar stores and customize campaigns that make your in-store marketing pop!

Dynamic store profiles that never go out of date.

Colateral Retail marketing software - right message to the right audience at the right time. Store Profile management


Has something changed in one of your stores? No more waiting 6 months to find out. With Colateral, store managers can update store profiles based on changes, to be approved accordingly. So your system is always up to date. 

All profile changes are recorded in a fully traceable log, so you know who made changes and when. 

Retail Marketing Campaign Analysis

Supercharge your stores with insights.

You will no longer send the same message to every store in your campaign. Colateral’s store profile management software gives you unique insights into your stores, so you can tailor campaigns that resonate with your shoppers in each area. 

Create powerful store profiles today.

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