Retail Marketing Campaign Analysis

Harness insights to boost in-store revenues.

Retail Marketing Campaign Analysis.

Unlock a global view of your marketing campaigns and harness real-time insights to respond to trends and increase store revenues.

Unlock insights.

Bring digital insights to your in-store campaigns.

Digital marketing campaigns offer more and more data and insights into performance. Meanwhile, analyzing in-store campaigns is challenging, with little to no feedback on how campaigns are deployed in-store or how it impacts sales performance. 

Colateral delivers your retail campaign insights to your device as it happens so that you can track quality, cost, and delivery globally and use it to improve performance. 

Improve retail marketing campaign compliance

Increase marketing campaign compliance.

When you deploy a campaign, do you know if your stores have put up materials correctly? With Colateral’s retail marketing campaign analysis, you can see at a glance which stores have received their materials, put them up, and if there are any issues. To help you increase campaign compliance. 

Ensure your campaigns are on-time and in-budget.

Marketing campaign budget analysis

You may have contracts with printers outlining your spending per item for the year. But how can you attribute that per campaign or per store to understand the true costs of your marketing? Colateral makes this easy by assigning the unit price to each item ordered against each store in the campaign. So you can analyze spend by campaign, or even by location to understand the true costs of your retail marketing. 

Campaign compliance and alerts

Respond to issues or stock-outs in real-time.

If any store receives incorrect signage or runs out of stock on promotion, store managers can report the issue immediately via our Campaign Viewer. And you receive an alert so you can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.  

Access global campaign analysis from anywhere.


Manage global retail campaigns

Does staying on top of budgets, campaigns, and revenue performance feel like guesswork? With hundreds of campaigns in multiple countries running daily, getting the data from regional directors can feel like a full-time job. And it’s often already out-of-date when you do!

With Colateral, you can monitor real-time campaign progress and performance at a glance, dive into specific campaigns to learn what worked, and apply best practices to future campaigns.

Align marketing and merchandising

Align your marketing and merchandising.

Having the right marketing and merchandising at the right time can dramatically enhance your revenues. But ensuring you have everything correct at all times in every store can seem more like a dream than a reality. With Colateral, your stores can report any stock-outs or issues with their signage, and you are notified in real-time to resolve the issues. So you can always have the right messaging with the right product. 

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