Localized on-brand content, delivered at scale.

Every store is unique, from the size and layout to the people that shop there. So, you need unique content that fits your stores and speaks to your shoppers.

Smart design templates ensure you stay on brand and tailor each design to multiple locations at scale. 

Artwork Automation Software

Creative Automation with Colateral.


●  Online art-working of templated items

●  Mass generation of designs through a batch upload

●  Use for printed and digital designs

●  Template video or HTML5 content


Regular inventory level and pricing changes require you to react and update your labels and shelf trackers quickly. 

You can reduce the time to approve and allocate in-store marketing materials by automating your creative process. So you ensure every store is compliant with the latest updates.

Campaign Planner

Empower your creatives with automation.

Artwork Approval

No one got into marketing to manage spreadsheets. 

Give your creatives the tools to create great designs and manage the creative process for a single platform. Simply upload your designs and notify the relevant people to provide feedback and approval.

So no more spreadsheets, no more emails, and no more post-its.

Reward your creatives.

Save time with artwork automation.

Robert Dyas

Colateral has changed how we create and manage campaigns, allocate POS, interact and collaborate with other teams, but above all the time saving, speed, process efficiency, and support that we get from the fantastic Colateral team.”

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Accelerate in-store marketing.

Colateral Store Profile Dashboard

Store-specific distribution.

Automatically assign creative artwork to the right places with Colateral’s store profiling system.

Campaign Auditing


Ensure your campaigns are 100% accurate by issuing post-implementation surveys and capturing issues.

Marketing Campaign Analysis


Analyze campaign performance in every store to improve continually.

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