Printers: Why are you spending so much building your own tech?

Focus on your core business, delight your customers with best in class tech and slash your internal IT costs.

by Sanjeev Kumar

When I bought my last car I knew it shared the same chassis as 4 other makes. But I picked it because of the service I got and of course the price. A bit like when I last went on a flight, I know all airlines have the same plane; it’s about how they package it and how they price it.

So I figure why not do that with your software?

I’ve spent 10 great years at a printer building class-leading technology for running marketing campaigns, creating production jobs, managing stock and call off ordering. I know what it takes to do. I know the costs. There’s developers, licenses, security, penetration testing, hardware or hosting, it goes on and on. And then there’s support.

I was at a print company but I was expected to provide the same level of support as a software company. That’s just keeping clients happy, I then had to worry about using technology to streamline the internal business to help stay competitive.

That’s all just building it, managing customer requests and keeping it running. Then you’ve got to innovate to stay competitive, and you’ve got to keep investing. It goes on and on and it’s an expensive business.

But now I’m thinking, a bit like my car, let’s face it, the core technology is often the same under the bonnet, so why’s everyone trying to build their own car? Why not make it the best that it can possibly be? Why not buy a great core product and customise it however you like?

You could cut out a huge amount of cost and focus your investment on your core business rather than having to try to become a software company. Then, as well as cutting costs, you can add your twist and make the software something people want to buy only from you. A bit like the airline.

Your twist might be it’s the cheapest, or it might be that it has unique features, or it integrates with your internal systems.

Whatever it is, you make it your own.

Contact me for an initial discussion on how we can help you save hundreds of thousands in IT development costs whilst delighting your customers.

sanjeev Sanjeev Kumar Commercial Director

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