Retail marketing campaign management software

Deliver targeted messaging with localised marketing.

Your online marketing is personalsied to niche segments, so why should in-store be different?

Use Colateral to produce localised marketing that drives revenues in every store.

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Localised marketing in every store.

Customisable Artwork templates for localised marketing

Tired of sending the same message to every store?

With Colateral, you can create national campaigns that are customised to each store. Simply create artwork templates with editable fields, and allow store managers to tailor the campaign to each store. 

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The Right message.
To the Right audience.

By aligning your messaging to promote your product to the right people, you dramatically increase your opportunity.  Use Colateral to capture unrivalled store information, create unique segments and target precise campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

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Advanced store profile management and segmentation

Maintain brand consistency.

Editable artwork poster

Concerned that mass localised marketing will cause chaos? 

Not to worry. Colateral lets you create templates for your national campaign. Then, you can set editable fields on the artwork to allow local teams to personalise it – without affecting the overall design!

All changes can require approval so you have final sign-off. And, you have a complete feed-back loop with your store teams so they send you pictures once they have installed the signage. 

“With Colateral’s communication, tracking and reporting features, average display compliance has improved from 42% to 100%”

– Paddy Power

Unlock insights to craft impactful messaging.

Want to know if your in-store marketing translates into sales?

With Colateral, you can measure campaign performance against product categories and sales to understand the impact your campaigns have on each store. Use that insight to develop powerful messages that drive revenues. 

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Marketing campaign budget analysis

Visibility of local marketing on a global level.

Retail marketing software for campaign planning

Does staying on top of budgets, campaigns and revenues performance across hundreds of stores feel more like guesswork?

Colateral gives you real-time visibility of all your current, upcoming and completed campaigns in real-time. You can inspect the performance of each store or zoom out for a national or international view.

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