Six top tips to pursuing a career as a #womanintech

Tech industry – dominated by men.

As a tech company that employs more women than men, it saddens us that only 3% of women say a career in technology is their first choice and that just 5% of tech leadership positions are currently fulfilled by women.

Joining a sector where women are seriously under-represented can be daunting, but the world of tech is exciting and full of opportunities and with more female employees, organisations can reap the benefits that a more diverse workforce can bring. For #internationalwomensday, here at Colateral we’re celebrating all the #womenintech, both on our team and all over the world!

Tips for women to pursue a career in tech

Here are some of our teams top tips to women pursuing a career in tech:

1) “I think it really pays to find other women working in your field on Twitter or similar and surround yourself with their voices. Women are in the minority but you don’t have to feel excluded or othered. There is a huge community of women out there offering support, mentoring, advice and encouragement. The best advice I have seen on Twitter (from the women I follow) when interviewing is to ask why the last woman on the team left the company. You can learn a lot from this answer.”

2) “Be yourself, be confident in the qualities and skills that have got you where you are today and know that you can make a positive impact in any business.”

3) “You don’t have to pretend to be one of the guys if you’re in a team of all men. The mentoring tips always tell women to stop saying sorry, but I disagree, I think softening workplace communication by being overly polite is actually a good thing and makes it a nicer place to work.”

4) “Don’t take no for an answer!”

5) “If you are the only woman in the room, in a meeting, or on your team, your voice really matters. Multiple studies have found that diversity equals better success at solving problems, working collaboratively and increasing revenue!”

6) “Don’t be afraid. If you want it, you can do it!”

Find more advice, resources and #womenintech events at:

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