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Store profiling.
So precise.

Use our simple survey tool to capture and maintain clean data about each store’s display fixtures, fittings and spaces. Creating and completing the surveys couldn’t be more straightforward. This is about getting the fundamentals right — and we make that easy for you.


Store compliance.
So effortless.

Build relevant compliance surveys for store display installations wherever they are: in a window, on a shelf, at the till point or elsewhere. Store staff or independent auditors can complete the surveys and upload photographic evidence. Retail store compliance has never been so pain-free.

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Store visibility.
So clear.

With store profiling brought online, you’ll be all set to make the most of your store spaces: from concept to realisation. Best of all, the store and campaign data in Colateral is yours to own, control and exploit for greater actionable insight. And it’s all easy to digest, with a central dashboard that provides customisable reports and summarises activity within the system.

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