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Developing high-quality print campaign management software is costly and time-consuming. Colateral is the leading platform for in-store marketing management and we partner with printers to help you deliver high-quality service, minimise waste and increase efficiency.

Ready to get the job done faster whilst smashing your competition?

Best in class software. Without the hassle.

Colateral manages in-store campaigns from briefing to execution.

Campaign Management
Store Profiling and Allocations
Store Visualisation
Asset Library
Artwork Briefing & Approvals


Stock Management
Production System Integration
Stock Ordering
Artwork Automation
Print In Store



Increase customer satisfaction.

In a competitive industry, companies need reassurance they are generating ROI from campaigns.

Colateral helps you save your customers time, reduce waste and increase marketing effectiveness in their in-store marketing. And they can track their campaigns with full confidence in your ability to deliver high-quality work on time.

Retail marketing software for campaign planning

Customisable Artwork templates for localised marketing

Let your customers Print-On-Demand

Getting calls from your customers with reprint and one-off orders?

With Colateral’s stock ordering system, your customers can order the exact materials for their campaigns and order them through a stock ordering system. If a store needs new items, custom artwork, or reprints, they can order exactly what they need with full traceability of who ordered what and when.

Supporting global retailers.

“Colateral has streamlined how we create and manage campaigns, allocate POS, interact and collaborate with other teams to save time and improve process efficiency.”

– Robert Dyas



Paddy Power sends 8m marketing packs to 600+ locations every quarter. “With Colateral’s communication, tracking and reporting features, display compliance has gone from 42% to 100%.”

– Paddy Power


By auditing marketing campaigns across 3000 stores, Colateral saved a supermarket chain £1.7m/year. We minimised wastage and ensured the right materials went to the right stores.

-UK Supermarket Retailer

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