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Our software isn’t limited to retailers and brands.

If you’re collecting or communicating information, from important company news and instructions to data about specific materials or locations, with a remote or distributed workforce, Colateral can help.

Whatever your industry, with Colateral you can:



●  Guarantee marketing, health and safety and regulatory multi-location displays are communicated and installed correctly by remote teams or third parties

●  Capture data about specific locations, environments or settings using remote workers or third parties (site audits or installations)


●  Collect photographic evidence of physical spaces or displays, completed work or marketing materials

●  Disseminate information or documents (updates, training or instructions) across a remote workforce and track staff engagement

●  Manage multiple suppliers and have control of budgets

●  Allocate different quantities of materials or other assets to different locations

●  Get actionable insights from your data with our reporting tools


How can we help?

Marketing Campaign Management
Location Profiling and Allocations
Space Management
Facilities Asset Library
Artwork Briefing & Approvals

Supplier Management
Stock Management
Remote Ordering
Remote Templated Printing


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Retail marketing management software | Planning



●  Introduce our software

●  Integrate with your current systems

●  Improve inefficient processes

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