Retail marketing management software | Planning

Maintain control.
Give franchisees what they need.

Have complete control of delivering brand-consistent marketing in every franchise. Learn what each unique location can accommodate in promotional materials and only produce and send out what’s needed. Open two way communication with franchisees so they always have the content they need to drive sales.

Brand Activation Software

Be consistent.
Protect your brand.

Use intuitive tools to easily plan brilliant marketing materials, from creating artwork briefs to building accurate production specifications for your suppliers. Simplify the way you share information with your franchisees, whether it’s visual display instructions or operational guidelines.

Plan targeted marketing campaigns

Think local.
Improve messaging.

Deliver marketing that resonates at a local level. Create templates to keep all your content on-brand, then allow your franchisees to personalise it for their own location. Drive down the costs of producing creative materials while helping your franchisees to better connect with customers.

Take control. Improve processes.
Deliver better marketing to franchisees.

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